Sunday, 28 June 2009

Lazy Sunday Afternoon

....I've got no time for worries! Etc etc.

Aaaand, relax. It's been one of those Sundays. Got up at 12 (ish!). Chatted on the net. Made a huge briam. Blitzed the flat (try not to die of shock, Sid). Yes, I even hoovered! And cleaned cupboards. Maybe I'm ill.

It's cool and quiet outside, I have nothing I really have to do. Lesson plans are in my head. Sorted my photos. Tweaked my CV a bit and emailed it to a mate who offered to improve it. She sure as hell can't make it worse!

Enjoying investigating a Help Exchange website with a view to finding something to do for at least a fortnight in August, if they're not all full ( Very tempted by 2 of them so I'll email and keep my fingers crossed.

I think Sundays sound the same the world over. Even in places where most things are open, and people are at work, there's a sound (or is it a lack of sound?) that just says "It's Sunday".

But it's nearly time not to be quite so lazy. I need to energise myself ready for The Quiet Man tonight - not least if I actually plan to speak some Spanish this week! Hmm, maybe I should study some verbs. Not a very Sunday-ey thing to do though, is it? Nah, I'll have another cup of tea and contemplate my navel a bit longer. "Waking up is so very hard to do."

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