Friday, 5 June 2009

How did I ever work a 40 hour week?!

Now I realise that anyone I've worked with since 1989 will be well aware that I've probably never actually worked a 40-hour week, but that's what I was paid for so....!

The point is, since Monday I've had 3 students (about to become 4), for the grand total of 10 hours a week (will be 12 hours). And I'm knackered!

The students are spread over the day - first at 9.30am, next at 4 then the last at 6.30. Between the first and second students, I'm doing 2-3 hours lesson prep. The first is a half hour walk each way, the second is a 10 minute walk, then a 20 minute bus ride, then a 5 minute walk!!! OK, the third is a 6 minute walk from my flat. But it makes the day very long and drawn-out. Having been used to either starting at 7am and being done by 2, or starting at 1.30pm and finishing at 9, it's quite difficult to adapt to working both ends of the day!!! But it's going a long way to paying the rent and at least some spending money, so I won't be totally depleting my savings!

Anyway, other than teaching, what have I done over the last week? Sat in the park or on the balcony whenever possible, reading and topping up my tan. Watched a disturbing amount of online TV, mostly in the middle of the night, on some dodgy streaming website. Had some late night, deep, meaningful conversations with Eve (my lovely flatmate) about everything under the sun. Went to Lavapies for the first time, to be treated to curry, chat and card games by Dade (and China, who is a sweetheart). Discovered that slamming the phone down on someone on Skype isn't quite as satisfying as the old-fashioned way! Caved in and went clothes shopping today - something I hate doing. Still hate it!

2 friends had very bad news this week - it's not my place to say who, but one knew the family that was found at Beachy Head, and the other had a friend on the Air France plane. Hugs to both.

And so, what's in store? Weekly English speaking group tonight - my grand plan is to not stay too late. Famous last words. Meant to be playing padel (paddleball) tomorrow - should be entertaining! Then a birthday party in the evening. And recovering Sunday, I imagine, before the proper language exchange on Sunday night, at which I am determined to speak more Spanish!!!

The famous roadworks outside the flat are still going on. Now they're building new pavements, kerbs, parking spaces etc. Constant racket of diggers, dumper trucks, skips being delivered and collected. For some reason, the trucks seem determined to go everywhere in reverse, so as well as the noise of the trucks, we get the constant beeping that warns you that they're reversing! And everything, including my throat and nose, is coated with a thin layer of pink powdery dust!!

The weird pipe noise continues to frustrate - it's louder, longer and more frequent some days, then sometimes it barely seems to happen at all. The president of the building came up for a meeting with the owner of the flat and me about it, but he could only say that he thought that the replacement of the water pipes in the street may be trapping air and causing the problem. He felt sure it would stop when the works are over. In October!!!!

God, this is a really negative blog, isn't it?! Which it really shouldn't be because on the whole, I'm loving it here! Now, surely it's time to grill some more asparagus.....