Saturday, 31 July 2010

The things people want!

While I've been sorting out my flat, I've been trying to get myself some karma points by Freecycling some things. In the process, I've been trawling through the Brighton and Hove Freecycle sites, looking at the "Wanted" ads, to see if I can help out. I've got rid of a few bits but I've been constantly entertained by the weird and wondeful things some people actually look for on there, or their reasons for wanting them. For example:

Super King Size bed: Due to bad backs and too many pets we are looking of a super king size bed and mattress. (I'm still trying to work out that reasoning!)

Women Clothing: Any size 20 good. clean women clothing. (May want to work on the punctuation there)

Shelves, Car Seatbelts and a Chest of Drawers (OK, 1 and 3 I can understand, but 2?)

Ironing Desk (er yes, what the hell is that?)

Cement mixer (ah, now I'm sure I've got one lying around somewhere)

Archery equipment (damn, another hobby that didn't pan out, eh?)

Chicken poo (I really don't know what to say)

Bidet (this one was an offer - wonder how long it'll take them to find someone who wants something other people have washed their arse in!)

Piano - in tune or not as we only want it for photos (not sure if they want to put photos on it, or take photos of it!)

The one that made me laugh the most:

OFFER: 2 Freeview boxes: Two with remotes on offer. The Grundig works. The Humax is about 2 years old and I can't work it as I am a girl.

PS - Yay, I just noticed this is my 100th blog.

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  1. The chicken poo seems to be the most sensible in that list.

    100 blogs! Way to go!