Friday, 18 September 2009

And the nominations are.....

A couple of days ago, the lovely Dade ( nominated me for the above. Having been somewhat lax, and in my opinion, not terrible creative with mine, that was a very sweet surprise for which I thank him.
I have no idea, and nor did he, where the idea came from but that doesn't diminish it one bit.
In return, a recipient is asked to share with their readers "7 things that I love", not including people, and then nominate 4 brand new worthy recipients, simple.
So, 7 things I love
1) Playing the guitar. I've been doing it since I was 10, on and off, but in recent years probably more off than on. I've been getting itchy fingers though, in the last few months and having had a couple of opportunities to play, finally bought myself a second hand one here in Madrid!
2) Madrid - what can I say? For someone who doesn't like cities, very much, it's been a revelation. I love the people, the different barrios, the buildings, the sheer chaos of the streets and the tranquility of the Retiro.
3) Marmite. Say no more.
4) Music - after a dry few years in the 90s when there was nothing I liked and I stuck to listening to my 80s classics, I'm pleased to be back interested in music again. My mp3 player comes everywhere with me these days and there is rarely a silent moment.
5) Vaughan Town/Pueblo Ingl├ęs - yes, I did actually put them together. I'm aware this is sacrilege, but no matter who runs them, any immersion program in beautiful parts of Spain, where Spaniards can get the equivalent of 6 months' English in a week, is a good thing. They both lead to lasting friendships and experiences that will never be forgotten.
6) Water - OK, not the most scintillating choice. But still. It's what keeps us alive. I am never without a bottle of water, as certain people regularly point out, and possibly make fun of. I don't care. It's good stuff. It lets me eat and drink all the other rubbish, enjoy myself yet not always suffer the after effects!
7) Greece - After Madrid, it's my favourite place. OK, probably higher than Madrid! If I live anywhere else, it will probably be Greece, Crete hopefully. I love everything about it - the food, the lifestyle, the scenery, the beer (Mythos!), the people, the perfect little blue and white houses and churches you stumble across everywhere, the skinny cats, the beaches........ you get the picture.
And so, my 4 nominations for blogs are:
1) More Or Less : This is my friend Debbie's blog about her life in Madrid these days.
2) Crystal Jigsaw : I've been following this for a while. The writer has a great turn of phrase and some of the most moving entries I've seen.
3) A View of Madrid : - this is Richard's informative, amusing and well-written take on, well, Madrid. Obviously.
4) Rockin' On : - I stumbled across this a while ago, while searching the net about halloumi cheese. Don't ask. It's a random blog, but I just like it!
So there you go, my 7 and my 4. Thanks again Dade, for the nod!


  1. Hey just saw this! I am truly honoured. Thanks Em!

  2. Thank you for this, Em, I'm really chuffed you thought of me, and your words are lovely. I'm so like you with music - thought the 90's were just dull so carried on enjoying 80's. I'm not too keen on anything else to be honest.

    We also have the water thing in common too. Do you think 1969 has anything to do with it?!!