Monday, 13 July 2009

Similar, yet different

For those who lost the will to live trying to read my previous diatribe on Sid's weekend visit, here's the lowdown on her latest trip, just 2 weekends later:

Thurs: Arrival. Balcony. Park. Picnic. TWIGLETS! Taught. Sid was flat-bitch and made dinner! Yum. Drinks and chat.

Fri: Atocha Renfe - terrapins (tortoises?) Caixa Forum - Islamic Art exhibition, Cambodia exhibition, Architecture stuff, funky purple sofas. Maoz falafels. Wander. Shop. La Mallorquina. Tea. Lots of cream cake. Locandita. Beer. Chat.

Sat: Cacao Sampaka ( CAKE! Tea. Dribble. Wander. Retiro. Sun. Dinner on balcony.

Sun: Rastro. Lunch (Isla del Tesoro - best veggie restaurant ever!). Cable car. Casa de Campo. Sun. Drinks. Picnic on balcony. Cards and chat.

Mon: Local park. 44 degrees. Picnic. Sunburn. Sid - airport. :-(

The End.

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