Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Gonna have a moan!

Feel free to shout at me for posting a negative blog, but it can't be all sunshine and flowers all the time. Well, OK, sunshine maybe!

Am feeling distinctly cheated that I'm where I want to be (for now), doing what I came here to do (sort of) yet at the moment, I feel like crap.

I've had a bizarre inexplicable swollen foot for, well, far too long and the only way to keep it down is to wear my trainers from morning til night, done up really tight. Not fun in this heat. And before anyone mentions it, for reasons that are far too boring to go into, I can't go to a doctor here. But I do have very expensive horse chestnut extract from the nice lady at the herbolario.

And to add insult to injury, an unknown git brought a stinking cold to our party on Saturday night and it's knocking me out. I can't breathe, my voice is practically gone, again, and I have a temperature. Which when it's 99 degrees outside, is not fun. My nose would be well suited to Rudolph due to all the blowing, all the eucalyptus oil in the world isn't helping.

Our murder website email server decided to crash and refused to send/lost a very long email I sent to a customer yesterday, so having waited all day for a reply from Tech Support (never came), I eventually had to go back in and compose the entire thing again, once the emails were up and running.

I feel so crap I can't even consider job hunting for September as I'd never make it through an interview at the moment! So I'm going to be trying to find a job in late August at the rate I'm going.

Even the virtual hug I was just sent didn't manage to cheer me up as much as it should! ;-)

Given that most of you have probably stopped reading by now if you've got any sense, I'll stop, though I could go on!!!

5 more lessons to go this week then I'm going to have a bloody long rest (well, apart from blitzing the murder mystery!)

And since I'm in moany mode, why does almost no-one ever comment on my blog?!!!!! Is it that boring?! Someone please tell me, and I'll stop (or at least get a ghost writer!) It's set up so that anyone can comment, you don't have to be a member or anything. So even if all you want to say is "Shut up moaning" then I'll be bloody grateful!

Time for me to go to bed, I reckon!!!


  1. Em, never a boring blog but clearly you need a break from the heat, swollen foot, beer, late nights and all that sunshine. Lucky you are coming back to the UK for a break and to sort that foot out and go to the foot person (just going to send you a contribution)!! Stop making excuses about work, dose yourself up and get out there, you tell me off for delaying things but you are doing the same!! Anyway, you could be wearing a white shirt and then your life would be pants. Avoid the white shirt and life is great!! Enjoy every experience

  2. andrea very hard at work - not23 July 2009 at 17:07

    the url for your blog is on my favourites at work, and i get drawn to it, when I really should be doing some work (it's just above the bug tracking tool) :-)
    please keep going- it's makes me smile, and glad someone is is having an adventure

  3. I feel the same as I think no-one ever reads my blog as hardly ever get comments but recently have found out that more people than I thought are reading it - it's just that people don't think to comment. I'm guilty myself as read both yours and Debbie's blogs regularly but rarely comment! Will try to comment more in future!

  4. Hello! Wish I had read this sooner as I would def have commented! However I am lucky to see you and get the full version of your life events. Keep blogging and keep smiling, Em, as you are doing good! The foot will sort itself out I am sure.