Sunday, 19 April 2009

Pain and paracetamol!

Not expecting any sympathy for my spectacular Sunday hangover - entirely deserved. A quick drink with Hannah at 6 last night ended with me stumbling up the 4 flights to my flat at 3am, desperately trying not to wake Eve. As tends to happen, one beer became 2, then a different bar for 5 Desperados and 2 very large neat Amarettos. With no food. You'd think I'd have learnt by now, but apparently not.

So sunny Sunday has so far consisted of me gingerly crawling out of bed at 12, to an empty flat as the ever-energetic Eve has gone hashing (no, not the illegal kind, the running kind) with a weekly group. Good for her! As for me, I barely made it to the kitchen for hangover-helping bread and tea before I had to sit down again! Pathetic, quite honestly.

As anyone who's on Facebook will have seen, all I've managed since then is hours of FB rubbish, finding my vampire name etc etc. How old am I?!

I'm desperately trying to work out if the Monte Carlo tennis final is on a TV channel I can actually get here. Watching the live scores on the net just isn't the same as watching a sweaty Nadal massacre Djokovic. Match starts in 15 minutes so fingers crossed one of the main channels will have the sense to show it.

There was a very unexpected and unlikely group of British guys in the bar we started in last night. For the life of us, we couldn't work out what they were doing in such an odd part of Madrid. There were 6 or 7 of them, loud, drunk (OK, so I can't really talk!) and generally resembled the worst examples of British football hooligans! I'd spotted them sitting outside a little earlier and could tell they were Brits from about 500 yards away - never a good sign! They wouldn't have warranted a second glance in a bar in the centre of town, but up here in the sticks, they stuck out like the proverbial. They made me feel Spanish!!!

So, it's back to the orange juice, pain killers and hopefully some tennis. I need to recover for later cos I'm meeting up with Mirjana somewhere in town at about 10pm. She arrives this evening and starts the Vaughan teacher training tomorrow! I sincerely hope she takes to it better than I did!


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  2. Must read your blog more often! My laptop has also expired - well slowed down to a sleepy not going anywhere quickly stage. So I have to get a new one quickly. Bike is still up for sale and have another interested party so fingers crossed. Went to VT meet up and Ian said that Mirjana had made a great impression on her first day of training so fingers crossed. She is a really lovely person. Have some other news which will wait until confirmed but exciting. no date for coming over yet but will be June. Hope you will still be there to help me with that wretched form if nothing else!