Monday, 13 April 2009

One of those days? I hope so!

Started the day with a very long walk to the main police station just to pick up an application form for an NIE (the foreign residents number thing!). Lots of people there, the guy on the door pointed me towards a queue so I joined it. There didn´t appear to be anywhere to pick up a form and take it away so in the queue I stayed for 40 minutes until I reached the front. There I was met by a very fierce looking woman who listened to my (admittedly probably not very good) Spanish request for a form, shouted loudly something about "Do you have a certificate?", thrust a small piece of paper with a phone number on at me, which when I tried to take, she took back and put it under her desk, shooed me away and took the next person in the queue. I wasn´t really in the mood to try again.

So I decided to download the form off the net and fill it in at my leisure. Great idea til I got to the net cafe, settled down with a drink and a cake, only to find that my laptop appears to have crashed. It won´t load XP at all, no matter what I do. Just goes through the motions then very apologetically tells me XP isn´t loading. I´ve tried Start Normally, Safe Mode, Back to Last Known Good Configuration.....nothing. Not playing. Unimpressed. Tomorrow I move to a flat with WiFi and was all excited about being on the net all the time, and now no bloody laptop! Grrrrrrrrrrrr.

However, the day wasn´t a complete disaster as I did have gorgeous veggie lunch at Yerba y Bueno, which Julie had picked up a leaflet for. Scrummy!

So if anyone has any suggestions for how to fix my laptop (and no, I don´t have the XP disk, it wasn´t provided with the machine), I´ll be very grateful!!!

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