Monday, 30 March 2009

Third World Internet!

Grrrrr. Having been told by a very nice man in the Telefonica shop that I would only be able to get casual, Pay as You Go broadband for my laptop from Orange, I happily skipped into the Orange shop this morning to sort it out.

Hah! No, no, no, the sales assistant said, slightly amused (possibly more by my Spanish than the content of my question) - broadband for your laptop - minimum 18-month contract! WHAT?! How many people must there be here who have no intention of staying for 18 months?

So - having discovered that there isn´t a single WiFi signal good enough for me to hijack in the flat, for at least the next couple of weeks I´ll have to carry on coming down to my usual internet place, wrecking my back on their plastic chairs, or swallow my pride and sit in McDonalds using my laptop and their free WiFi. Well, free of course will involve buying at least one drink and making it last as long as my laptop battery. And of course, it involves actually stepping across the threshold of a McD, something I haven´t done (except to abuse their toilet facilities) for a good 20 years or so. But it´s the nearest place to me with WiFi so I guess I´ll have to bite the bullet.

This is a great place, really, but they have a lot of catching up to do in certain areas.

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