Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Cafe carnage!

So yesterday was spent in a haze of beer with the lovely Julie from Portland (all 6ft 2 of her!), mostly in JJs bookshop and coffeeshop/bar. We went there to brainstorm about our futures but after the first couple of beers, there was more storm than brain. Then we got chatting to the other people in the bar, including Morad who I think may be a permanent fixture. He´s a very wise, though slightly sozzled Brit (Iranian) who bought us drinks, chatted away and gave me a stern pep talk! So 4 beers later (and no food), we staggered back out into the sunshine in search of tapas. Having put away enough food to down a small rhino, we somehow found room for a pastry from La Mallorquina at Sol. Yum!

Madrid continues to be a revelation as I swear this kind of stuff doesn´t happen in the UK. Or maybe it´s just that I don´t go to the same kind of places at home.

This internet place is becoming my second home. I really need to either fork out for mobile broadband or at least find a proper WiFi cafe where I can take my laptop. This place is cheap enough, but it´s all public computers, uncomfortable seats and behind me are the international phone booths, filled with very loud people shouting at their relatives in South America!

Today I´m off to Santander to visit Louise (my landlady - and friend!) for a couple of days. She has a spare room this week and I´m missing the sea so it seemed like a great plan. So there is a 5hr 30min bus trip awaiting me later this afternoon. Better get a good book!

It occurred to me today I haven´t had chocolate and churros yet. Huge mistake. Needs to be rectified asap!

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